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Kootenay Natural Meats

Creston, British Columbia

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Eggs, Honey + Hay

Eggs, Honey + Hay

We are proud to offer 100% natural unpasteurized honey that we produce here on farm. We have 30 hives spread between three different locations. We take the honey off each hive once per year in the Fall. We then extract the honey from the frames and store it in clean, sterile buckets until we jar it. We don't add anything to the honey, and it is not pasteurized. The only form of processing it goes through is straining.

We leave enough frames of honey in each hive for our bees to consume over the winter. Each hive is wrapped to help keep the bees warm and cozy through the long winter months!

Our laying hens are Silver and Gold Laced Wyandottes that we originally sourced from a reputable breeder. We now hatch out our own eggs and are building a happy, healthy flock. Our layers are quite young still, and so we don't have many eggs currently available. It won't be long before we have eggs on hand at every  market!

We have a limited supply of hay and straw available each Fall. We have a timothy / grass mixed hay and a straight grass hay. Our straw is wheat and/or barley. We don't use any sprays at all so you can guarantee you are getting an all natural product.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our availability of eggs, honey or hay.