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Our Meat

Our Meat

Raising animals ethically, humanely, with customized diets and care in order to produce a superior meat product in both taste and nutritional content is what we do at Kootenay Natural Meats.


We take pride in providing the highest standard of care for our animals, and as our customers, you can feel confident that our meat is exactly what you hope it to be!

Certified Angus Beef

We raise our Angus based herd in open pastures using farming practices that promote health. Our utmost priority is raising happy, healthy animals that produce a high quality end product, and so we operate with strict bio security measures and a closed herd. We offer single cuts and a variety of freezer packs, including side and whole options.

Heritage Pork

We raise Heritage Tamworth pigs who're known for their long, lean bacon and excellent mothering abilities. Our pigs eat spray-free, non-GMO feed grown right here on our farm and are raised to the same bio security standards as our cattle. Purchase our pork as single cuts or as a freezer pack with side or whole options.


Our chickens are Cornish Cross Giants raised to 11 or 12 weeks. We grow our own chicken feed  to ensure our birds have a non-GMO diet and no sprays are used on the crops. We process our birds with our on site Provincially Inspected abattoir and offer frozen cuts or whole birds.


We raise Bronze Orlopp Heritage Turkeys which have a life span of 5 months and are available whole for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also offer a variety of frozen cuts. We also feed our turkeys our own non-GMO feed grown here on our farm, and they have access to green pastures and are processed in our own Provincially Inspected abattior.


All of our lambs are born and raised here on our farm. Our flock of sheep consists of Purebred Dorper and Katahdin breeds. These are meat breeds rather than wool breeds and will produce a milder flavour meat.  Our lambs are raised in open pastures and eat our own naturally grown grass and alfalfa. Sold whole or by the side, with limited quantities of smaller cuts available at farmers' markets.

Kootenay Raised Bison

We are partnering with a fellow Kootenay farm to now offer grass finished Bison!
Our Farm is located in the beautiful and abundant Creston Valley.
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