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Lamb + Rabbit

Lamb + Rabbit

Our breeding stock consists of a few varieties of hair bred sheep which are meant for meat rather than a wool breed. They produce high quality lambs born and raised with care and attention, right here on our farm. 

We raise our lambs and our flock of sheep without the use of any routine antibiotics using the same bio security measures as the rest of our animals. 

We're aiming to raise the healthiest sheep and lamb possible in a natural environment where they're free to run and roam through open  pasture. Lambs love to play and there is no shortage of 'natural playground' for them here on our farm.

See for yourself right here!

Katahdin and Dorper Sheep
California Flemish Giant Cross Rabbits

Our lambs are fed our own naturally grown alfalfa hay and grass, and our ewes are supplemented with a small grain ration at lambing time. 

For our rabbits, we choose breeds which are known to produce a high quality meat, superior in both flavour and tenderness. The rabbits eat a combination of sourced pellets, which are naturally produced and packed with nutrition,  and our alfalfa hay and grains mixed in.

How to Order

How to Order

Grass-Fed Lamb:

Our lamb is sold by the side, or as per the cuts described below. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us  or if you are interested in placing an order please have a look at our on-line store - choose the "store" tab above.  Please note that all individual cuts are priced per pound, and sides are priced per pound by the hanging weight.

Typical Individual Cuts









BY THE SIDE - Please contact us to join our waiting list! 


Our rabbit is sold whole only, is ready sporadically throughout the year, and is limited as we have a small rabbitry.

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