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Goat River Farms Ltd.

Goat River Farms Ltd

Our farm is located in the beautiful Creston Valley in the southern interior Kootenay region of BC, Canada. We holistically manage our own acreage and our own breeding stock which consists of an Angus based herd of cows, hair bred sheep and Tamworth heritage pigs. Raising smaller numbers of animals ensures that personal care is given to each and every animal.


Our animals graze in lush pastures most of the year, supplemented during the winter months with homegrown alfalfa/grass hay.  


Kootenay Natural Meats is a subsidiary of Goat River Farms Ltd.  We grow and harvest our own hay and manage our own pastures in sustainable and regenerative ways on our own land and long term leased land as well. We use low stress management and our animals are not kept in confined spaces.  We adhere to strict herd health protocol, and have high bio security standards and as such, do not normally take inquiries for tours.


Our animals are handled with care, as farming and raising animals is our livelihood and not just a business. Our focus has been to raise all of our animals including our sheep, pigs and cow herd to a point where we can offer a quality product. We are proud to be able to share with you and to contribute to strengthening our Kootenay food shed.


Join the progression of people who choose to eat healthier and buy local, naturally grown, farm raised product.  Be assured that your meat has no added hormones or antibiotics, and is raised with care. Enjoy a fresh product that is healthier for you, knowing where your meat comes from and how it is raised.


Dale + Wendy McNamar

Dale and Wendy McNamar Kootenay Natural Meats.

About Dale + Wendy

Dale was born in Creston and raised on a family hobby farm with many animals. Dale started breeding, raising and selling a variety of birds and rabbits throughout his childhood, and participated in many fall fair events. Dale has always had a very entrepreneurial spirit and has been self-employed most of his life, growing and evolving his farm business as time went on. Dale has always strived to learn more, do better and incorporate new things to keep the farm and business thriving. 

Wendy grew up in the city, and has always had a love for animals. Wendy knew at a young age that she wanted to raise animals, and after meeting, and later marrying, Dale they both knew that farming and having animals was in their future. 

Dale and Wendy purchased their first acreage twenty years ago and began their first small farm. In 2006 they decided to invest in the growth of their farm and purchased more acreage. Kootenay Natural Meats was established in 2009 and has continued to grow steadily to what it is today. Both Dale and Wendy bring their own strengths to their business which makes them a strong team. Dale manages most of the farming and animal husbandry working full-time on the farm. Wendy manages the marketing, customer service and sales, attending farmers' markets year round in the Kootenays.

With the total acreage at Goat River Farms, the McNamars are able to grow their own feed, manage their own pastures and raise healthy, happy cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits (and dogs, cats, and horses, too!).

Working in the fields and raising animals is what Dale and Wendy love to do. Their ultimate goal is to provide high quality products to valued customers and friends, that has been raised as humanely and naturally as possible and close to home.

Having such a strong (and still growing!) support system of friends, family and valued customers keeps them going on a daily basis, showing up no matter what, to raise animals the best way they know how - with care and attention in a natural environment.

Animals raised with care and conscience.
Animals raised with care and conscience.
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