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Specialty Chicken + Turkey

Specialty Chicken + Turkey

*Raised without the use of Antibiotics

*All Veg, Non-GMO Feed with added Omega 3's

We are raising Orlopp BronzeTurkeys again this year.  They proved to be a heartier bird and tasted great!  Our turkeys are raised outdoors in fresh air and are fed a customized healthy diet from start to finish. We raise our turkeys for 5 months and have a limited supply available for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We invite our customers to request their holiday turkeys early on to ensure we have you on our list!

We also raise Cornish Giant chickens which are available every two months from May to December. We raise our chickens until they are 10-12 weeks old.

Our chickens and turkeys are available whole and pre-cut pieces are available at farmers markets.

Natural turkey raised outdoors.
Chicen raised naturally from start to finish.

As it is our goal to raise the healthiest birds we can, both our chickens and turkeys are fed a particular diet that we can guarantee is healthy for them and provides a nutritious end product for our customers.

All chicks are fed a sourced all-veg, antibiotic free starter feed when they are born and are switched over to our own feed that we grow and mix on-site.

This feed consists of grains and pulse crops that we grow and harvest here on our acreage which contain no GMOs and never receive any sprays at all. We source a higher protein crop and vitamins/minerals to add in to ensure high nutritional content in our feed. Corn fee & soy free.

With the meticulous care and attention we give to our birds and the feed they eat on a daily basis our customers can feel confident that they are purchasing healthy, nutrient-dense birds that will have superior flavour.  All of our poultry is processed in our own on site Provincially Inspected abattoir which ensures that we have total control from start to finish.

How to Order

How to Order

Both our chicken and turkey are available whole or by the cut as detailed below. We recommend placing an order for your holiday turkeys (Thanksgiving + Christmas) early to ensure availability.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us  or if you are interested in placing an order please have a look at our on-line store - choose the "store" tab above.  Please note that all items are priced per pound.

Typical Product Available










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