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Kootenay Natural Meats

Where your meat is raised naturally from start to finish with conscience and customized care with high standards of land and animal stewardship.


At Kootenay Natural Meats

At Kootenay Natural Meats

We strive to raise happy and healthy animals from start to finish in our own naturally managed and grown pastures. We take particular care in breeding our animals on farm and raising them on the most nutritious foods possible throughout their life span. 


Most feed is grown on farm to ensure no gmo's used, no sprays used on our crops.  We have utilized regenerative and holistic farm practices for a number of years, and have high standards of land and animal stewardship.

We believe that animals raised right here on our farm in open pastures while eating a natural forage diet are the best and healthiest choice for our family and yours.

We take pride in offering the utmost care and kindness to each of our animals and enjoy providing the healthiest environment possible for them to live.

Animals raised on fresh pasture.

Get to Know Us

Get to Know Us

Building relationships with our customers is important to us, and we want you to get to know our farm, the way we raise our animals, and the high quality end product we strive to bring you. We are open about our farming practices and we encourage you to ask us questions so you can get to know your meat a little better. 

Learn all about our meat products. We offer beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and rabbit. Find our current cut + price lists and freezer pack details.

Learn more about Goat River Farms and farm owners Dale  and Wendy McNamar.

View our current farmers' market schedule; learn where our products can be found; sign up for our newsletter +  connect with us!

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

We value customer feedback. We want to hear from you!

One of the best places to connect with us is at the farmers' market. These face to face interactions with our customers are essential to the success of our farm, and have come to be something we look forward to every market season. We've been attending farmers' markets for more than 10 years and many customers now feel like family.

Be sure to come visit - you can find us regularly in Creston, Rossland and Nelson.

"Excellent service and quality meats. This is why I live in the Kootenays for sure! We finished our last order of lamb a while ago and picked up some frozen lamb from the store the other day and we could barely eat it all. Now that we've tasted the best, we just can't go back to conventional. Kootenay Natural Meats is DELICIOUS!"     - E. Bauer 



"Excellent taste and quality. Can't beat it. Will be a long time customer from here on out."     - R. McConnachie

"Best meat around..... and even better service! So proud to call Wendy and Dale our dear friends, as well as our favourite meat farmers!!"

- M. Warwick

Amazing meat and excellent service. Love the bacon and bratwurst sausages. So grateful to have discovered you!      - M. Pavlis

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